We are well proven of pours upto and exceeding 300+ cubic metres a day, with our local plant, 9 agitator trucks and our mine spec mobile batch plant.


Our full range includes the following:

    • 32 MPA Concrete
    • 15 MPA Concrete
    • 20 MPA Concrete
    • 25 MPA Concrete
    • 40 MPA Concrete
    • Grout
    • K&G Concrete
    • Stabilised Sand
    • Stabilised Crusher Dust
    • Stabilised DGB-20
    • Fibrecrete


We know there are times when you need to control the setting or hardening time on cement. That’s why we stock various types of additives to help you accomplish this.

  • Steel Fibre
  • Adva (plasticiser)
  • Plastic Fibre
  • Daraset (accelerant)
  • Daratard (retardant)

Concrete Blocks & Posts

There are various types of concrete blocks which can be used for a variety of projects: footings, concrete walls, retaining walls and fence strainers are some examples. Our products can certainly help with these jobs.

  • 0.5T – 600x600x600mm
  • 0.5T strainer – 300x300x2300mm
  • 1.0T – 600x600x1200mm
  • 1.5T – 600x600x1800mm